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Milestones from more than 40 years
of company history


Milestones from more than 40 years
of company history

2019Introduction on the market of TEMPEO®

After 21 years, the successful TEMPEO® model returns to the office furniture world. Following his motto "simple, minimalistic and clear", the designer Justus Kolberg created it. The result is an unobtrusive chair with easy-to-use ergonomic adjustment options. And according to "nomen est omen" TEMPEO® should be timeless, so in the future fit into any environment. The optical trademark of TEMEPO® is the slim backrest, which is available in the upholstery variants "FRESH" and "WAVE". In addition, the KÖHL® AIR-SEAT is also available as an option for the TEMPEO®.



2018KÖHL again voted number 1 in the Orgatec year

For the second time in succession, KÖHL has far outpaced its competitors in this year's "markt intern" trade survey and achieved the best score among office chair manufacturers. The specialist dealers confirmed to the owner-managed company in the survey competent employees, consistently high product quality and perfect delivery management. Furthermore, the continuity in the management as well as the absolutely fair, cooperative dealing with customers were highly valued. Also, the retailer is pleased about an excellent price-performance ratio and a low complaint rate with fast complaint handling.


2018Introduction on the market of SELLEO® EDGE

Evolution of a successful model - the successful SELLEO® product family is growing. The new SELLEO® EDGE office swivel chair offers even more comfort and elegance. The striking novelties include an elegant high backrest, armrests matched in design and function as well as a new base concept. The long, straight back offers even better people optimal support and thus even more ergonomic seating comfort. The high backrest gives the new office chair an elegant silhouette that makes it an eye-catcher in any office.



2017Lounge of ARTISO® series

The latest development ARTISO® by product designer Volker Reichert is a mixture of conference and club chair for the communication sector. The seating comfort meets the highest demands. Everything is "German quality made by KÖHL", i. 100% handmade. The name ARTISO® essentially means handmade art. The four carcase sizes S to XL with the four polished aluminum frame options skids, pyramid base, four-star base without and five-star base with castors form the basis of ARTISO®. All versions have a steel frame construction and pocket spring padding. ARTISO® is great for the office, but also for the lounge and the private living room. Ergonomic finesse ensures an exceptionally dynamic sitting experience



2016KÖHL in 1st place in the Orgatec year

As a guide for retailers and suppliers, "markt intern" carries out nationwide performance-level surveys among specialist dealers at regular intervals. The specialized trade can then judge its suppliers according to sales policy, complaint behavior, sales support, field service support and the realizable trading margin. This year, the office chair manufacturer KÖHL has achieved the best mark by a long way from its competitors in the "markt intern" performance survey. He was able to convince retailers in the disciplines of sales, product quality, training, goodwill, delivery punctuality and field service. That's what retailers at KÖHL mean: "Distributor loyal, reliable, in partnership" - "Very good quality and price. Topbetreuung "-" Individual products, unique selling points, good specialist trade policy, good quality, good specialized trade support ".


2016Introduction on the market of ANTEO® UP

ANTEO® UP, the new swivel chair series from KÖHL, impresses with its new functional appeal and enriches the successful ANTEO® product family. The versatile all-rounder ANTEO® started in 2011 and has since then written an unbroken track record. The ANTEO® family, consisting now of ANTEO® ALU, ANTEO® UP, ANTEO® BASIC and ANTEO® conference, has conquered a firm place in Germany's office landscapes. Shortly after the SELLEO® chair series was awarded, the ANTEO® series follows with the coveted "The Blue Angel" eco-label.


2015Introduction on the market of ANTEO® ALU

The ANTEO® ALU - Aesthetics with clear, puristic design and ergonomic comfort leaves nothing to be desired. The high backrest and the elegant aluminum application, which extends from the armrests across the entire width of the backrest, are the distinctive features of the new ANTEO® ALU. Like its colleagues in the ANTEO® series, the new model also shows itself with a variety of design options and high-quality cover fabrics such as leather, tube, network or SlimLine. In addition, the KÖHL® AIR-SEAT is also available as an option for the ANTEO® ALU.


2014Introduction on the market of KÖHL® AIR-SEAT

The KÖHL® AIR-SEAT promotes multi-dimensional micro-movements and trains the low-lying back muscles. Balancing the AIR-SEAT with a gentle lateral pelvic tilt activates the muscles and optimizes the posture. The system is designed to provide meaningful support to the user, prevent excessive "rocking" and thus provide a secure grip in all directions of movement. Thanks to the user-friendly comfort valve, the pressure regulation of the KÖHL® AIR-SEAT can be individually adjusted to the user's movement needs and weight at the touch of a button.


2014Introduction on the market of DESIRO® J

Comfortable, functional and easy to clean. Suitable for indoors and outdoors. Whether in the office, medical environment, in universities, in the cafeteria, in the hotel or at home, DESIRO® JOY is the ideal companion.

DESIRO® JOY fits in any environment. Its clear, timeless design makes it an all-rounder. A deep and wide seat, combined with a high backrest, ensures a comfortable seating comfort


2014Introduction on the market of DESIRO® Dot

The new DESIRO® DOT enriches the KÖHL product range in a creative and colorful way. With its eye-catching design and high flexibility, it is not only an attractive eye-catcher, but also ideally suited for a wide range of applications in which communication and inspiration should be promoted. In addition, DESIRO® DOT is extremely handy and robust - a contemporary product for commercial and private use.


2013Introduction on the market of the textile innovation SLIMLINE

SLIMLINE is a sandwich construction of three-dimensional high-tech fabrics that have thermo-regulating properties. This intelligent material construction protects the user from drafts and transfers moisture and heat from the back to the interior of the fabric. This creates an optimal seat climate. The SlimLine fabrics for the chair series ANTEO® and CONSITO® are available. Sitting in a conference, canteen, waiting room or office will not only be relaxed in the future, but also balanced in terms of climate.


2013Introduction on the market of ANTEO® conference

The successful chair series ANTEO® is extended by the new ANTEO® conference armchair program and completes the existing KÖHL program for conferences. A range of new conference chairs complements the existing range and convinces with comfort and elegance. The new variants are available as swingers, swivel chairs with glides or swivel chairs with castors.


2013Bath ducks and red noses yield 5,000 euros

The proceeds of the KÖHL donation initiative go to the foundation "HUMOR HELPS HELP". In October 2012, the Hessian seating furniture specialist KÖHL called for a fundraiser during the Cologne trade fair Orgatec. For the benefit of the foundation "HUMOR HELPS HELP" KÖHL distributed rubber ducks for a donation of two euros each. The famous red clown nose received each donor additionally from five euros. In the metropolis on the Rhine, a considerable amount of donations came together, which KÖHL increased to 5,000 euros.


2012Further photovoltaic system on the production halls in Rödermark

In May, the new photovoltaic system goes into operation. Together with the 1,600 square meter facility, which was built in 2010, the 3,700 square meters of the company's solar power plant generate 182,000 kilowatt hours of solar power. This saves 125 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.


2011Benelux Office Products Award

ANTEO® wins the Benelux Office Products Award and is voted Best Product of the Year in the Seating Furniture category.

2011Introduction on the market of ANTEO®

Ecology meets diversity. With the new ANTEO® series, designed in cooperation with the KET, seating manufacturer KÖHL is creating a stir in the swivel chair segment. ANTEO® is the new all-rounder that convinces with comfortable variety. Like all KÖHL products, ANTEO® convinces not only by ergonomic functionality and innovative design, but also by quality and sustainable production.


2011Renewal of the heating system

The commissioning of a state-of-the-art pellet heating system and additional air-to-water heat pumps will reduce CO2 emissions to almost zero in addition to more cost-efficient energy use.

2010Introduction on the market of CONSITO®

Attractiveness meets quality. This is the message of the new project chair series. Because who sits relaxed, communicates well. CONSITO® is universally applicable in public and corporate facilities, such as meeting rooms, clinics, cafeterias, libraries, seminar rooms, waiting areas and many other areas.

2010Ecological flat roof
and new photovoltaic system

The office building and large parts of the production halls will receive a new ecological flat roof made of high-quality stainless steel with state-of-the-art insulation. The seminar area also receives a roof greening. The installation of a high-performance photovoltaic system on a 1,600 m² roof area reduces CO2 emissions by 54 tons per year.


2009Investment in business software

In order to manage business processes efficiently, new ERP software (company resource planning) is implemented in all divisions. The total investment volume is around 2 million euros.

2009Introduction on the market of AUREO®, CALIXO®

The office chair series AUREO®, CALICO® and the limited edition ARTISO® - are high-tech product lines developed according to the latest scientific findings of bionics.


200910 years of ergonomics and sales training

10 years of ergonomics and sales training in the training center in Rödermark. Sales Manager Axel Spetzger (left) with product manager Günter Till on the occasion of the 35th seminar.


2007Renovation and renovation of the production halls

Large parts of the production halls in Rödermark are being renewed. This allows production processes to be optimized in the future.


according to din en iso 9001: 2000 and din en iso 14001: 2005



of the KÖHL training and consulting center in Rödermark

2004Introduction on the market of SELLEO®

A classic is born - SELLEO®. From the idea to develop an office chair program that can be used with exceptional ergonomics and special design for a broad market segment and various requirements, is a timeless classic that sets the standard for ergonomic work to this day.
Design and Development: KET

2003Introduction on the market of SALVEO®

Hubert Schwarz presents "Power of Mind", the premiere of the chair series SALVEO®.
Photo: Hubert Schwarz (left) with Managing Director Thomas Köhl

2000Presentation of
the KÖHL lumbar support (KBS®)

With the presentation of the new chair series MIREO®, the highly effective KÖHL lumbar support (KBS®) developed by KÖHL will be presented for the first time. The KBS® is centrally integrated in the backrest, supports the back and promotes a disc-preserving posture. All other new developments in the swivel chair area were then equipped with this system.


1998The art of sitting

Under the slogan "ARS SEDENDI - the art of sitting" KÖHL presents a new chair series SIGNEO, which was designed by Giovanni Baccolini.


1996Introduction on the market of CONCENTO

The Italian designer Giovanni Baccolini develops the chair series CONCENTO.

1994Development of an integrated lumbar support

in the new chair series MULTICLIP.

1991Completion of the third construction phase

The head office is expanded by a new office and exhibition building and a new hall building.

1990Europe Award

Awarded the Europe Award for special quality.<br />Company founder Günter Köhl on the right.

1985Completion of the second construction phase

Expansion of the production and storage area.


1980Largest order in the company history so far

KÖHL wins the contract for the biggest order ever in the company's history: 17,865 office swivel chairs for the Oberfinanzdirektion Nordrhein-Westfalen.

1979Completion of the first construction phase

of the present company headquarters in the new industrial area Rödermark.

1976Company founding

Company founded in Rödermark, district Ober-Roden by Inge and Günter Köhl. Development of a modular construction chair system and presentation at the first ORGATEC in Cologne.